Forward: A Memoir by Abby Wambach


Forward: A Memoir - Abby WambachI came across Wambach’s story while looking for memoirs to promote for this month. I’ve been diversifying my memoirs this year and celebrating the heritage months. I’m not a sports fan, for any sport, so I was ignorant of Wambach’s accomplishments before this book. Well, not so ignorant that I didn’t know that US women’s soccer has been incredible for a few years now, but enough that I wouldn’t recognize the names of any players. There are very few names in sports that I would recognize, though, so it’s not really a gendered deficiency. I pretty much only know the names of some of the male athletes based on the amount of news coverage their scandals get and only if I’m in an area that forces me to watch the news when it happens, like a doctor’s waiting room.

Wambach begins with that she has just retired and the state of her former career and personal life, which allowed me to get an idea of what would follow. She’s remarkably frank about her experiences, including her mistakes and traits that could otherwise be considered faults. She knows she’s not a perfect person or athlete, but there’s no mistaking the love she’s had for the game and the impact that it had on her life whether or not she was winning. She’s also not afraid to get into her motivations, especially her bad ones. There are the reason why we want to do things and the reasons we’d rather give for that and Wambach shares both. Above all, I appreciated her vulnerability throughout this book.

As a memoir for National Pride Month this year, I love that her personal life is present but not what the book is about. I think it’s important to have both books about how difficult it can be to be LGBT in this world right now and books about LGBT that focus on other aspects of their lives. This is a memoir about women’s soccer in the US and the ups and downs of a single player who was navigating a rising tide of recognition and appreciation for her sport. Wambach is amazing and her accomplishments absolutely took my breath away.

I borrowed her memoir from my local library, but it can also be purchased through several outlets. Click on the cover image to taken to BookLikes for world-wide purchase options or add to Goodreads for later.

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