Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, Defy Your Limits by Candace Moore

Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits
I have loved and been doing yoga for about ten years now and I found YogaByCandace a few years ago looking for a way to work into splits and handstands. Just last year I found her book, but I had been a little hesitant to read it. I wasn’t sure how far down the rabbit hole this book would be but I finally hit a plateau and realized that not reading it has been a part of holding me back. I also knew that I hadn’t been spending the kind of time on yoga that I really needed to nail those poses.
Yeah, I was a little hard on myself and totally putting it of. And then I got over it.
I am so glad that I did too.
This book has a little bit of everything that an aspiring yogi could want. There are sections that include Moore’s personal journey. There are lots of poses and sequences, which are logically divided. There is even a section of sequences for specific ailments. I absolutely loved the pictures she has in different poses, each with illustrations about what’s right and wrong to show common mistakes. While the book as a whole is a great read, it will be these pictures that I come back to time and again to make sure I’m dong the poses right and to look for new ones to try once I’ve gotten comfortable with those I’m practicing. There’s also a section on meditation, which I had never really tried but look forward to incorporating, and a section on breathing.
Moore’s journey is also pretty amazing. I can’t imagine the pain she went through or how it felt for life to be on hold that way. I appreciate the Namaslay Commandments to both a better practice and really living. Yoga is so much more than holding a pose and it wasn’t obvious to me for a long time. I did know that before reading this but I also feel like I would have been hard pressed to read a book about yoga without having ventured beyond the idea that it’s just about poses and sweating. It was really when my husband told me how much nicer I am to everyone around me when I get to do yoga regularly that it started to dawn on me.
Reading Namaslay is the next logical step in my progression with yoga and I hope to read more yoga books and look forward to more from Moore too. I’ve been inspired by her blog a lot over the last few years.  Anyone looking into yoga should read Namaslay, especially people new to the practice of yoga to get a good idea of what is possible. There is a lot out there and Moore does a really great job of explaining the basics without getting into the weeds. I really want to go to one of her retreats now. Or any retreat…
If you’re on the fence about yoga or this book, check out YogaByCandace. It’s  my first stop for literally any question I have about yoga ever since I found it and has helped my practice progress so much. I’ve seen a few other books, even with pictures of poses but none that have been this comprehensive. I picked up Namaslay on Amazon, which I totally recommend, or add it on Goodreads for later.

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