Rita Moreno: A Memoir by Rita Moreno


Rita Moreno: A Memoir - Rita MorenoI just fell in love with Rita Moreno. So, I’ve seen her work plenty but she was one of those actress that I never seemed to recognize from one role to the next. I had no idea the same woman who played Anita in West Side Story was also in Singing in the Rain and the King and I! It’s just insanity. Her most recent work, by the way, is on Netflix and called One Day at a Time. It’s a remake of an older show with the ethnicity of the main characters changed so that they are Cuban now. The actors aren’t Cuban, but at least their Hispanic, which Moreno would probably point out as a step in the right direction after all those years of playing captive Tahitian or Native American girls.

I spent the last week annoying my husband with all kinds of Rita Moreno tidbits because I am so fascinated by her. This is a great choice for anyone who still needs task 12 for Read Harder this year (a celebrity memoir, I already checked it off with Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher). I had no idea about anything about her and she is an amazing woman and I love all of the work I’ve seen of hers. The memoir begins in early childhood with her last Christmas in Puerto Rico and goes on to around the time it was published  in 2013. It’s centers around her career and how she came to it, but there is quite a bit about her personal life and what it was like to be a starlet in Hollywood at the time. She’s had a fascinating life and she continues to work and make herstory. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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