Animosity Volume 1: The Wake


2018-10-15-15-49-26.jpgI picked up Animosity for Read Harder this year. It’s my comic that isn’t published by Marvel, DC, or Image, task 18. I know it seems impossible to find sometimes, but there are quite a few good ones. I have them separated in the comics tab by label too, just in case anyone is still looking for a comic for this.

I’ll be honest, the owner of the comic shop back home had to talk me into this one. I wasn’t so sure about it on first glance, but I’m really glad I listened to him. I’m even going to have to go back and thank him for the recommendation. Not only do we have a female protagonist, but the comic takes a look at quite a few prevailing issues through the animal awakening.

If you’re not familiar with the comic, it’s about the animals gaining a consciousness that rivals that of humans. They all just wake up one day able to talk and rationalize with humans based on their exposure to us and relative age. Once the animals are aware of their places in the hierarchy, the rebel or revolt or take whatever action that is honestly reasonable based on where they say. Some pets turned on their owners and others saved them.

The writers take this idea and focus it not on the human characters as much as the newly aware animals. The dog on the cover is as much a protagonist as the girl is. They’re in it together in a world that has turned upside down and sideways. Everyday items that we use are suddenly seen as objects of enslavement or torture. The world becomes apocalyptic in a way that is generally unexpected and the humans don’t know what to do with it and keep making the wrong choices. The market was especially interesting.

There are several dynamics of desperation at play too. It made for a really interesting book that I wish I could sit with a feminist book club and discuss just for all the issues that are given new light to see through. There’s so much here. It’s about to be yet another series I’ll be doing my best to keep up with. Add it to Goodreads and pick up what you can of the series, it’s a whole new apocalypse to debate.

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