Lumberjanes #33-36 or Vol 9 On a Roll


2018-10-21-16-24-24-034.jpgI love the Lumberjanes!! This time they’re competing in a roller derby against sasquatches to help the yetis. Since the beginning of the series, I have adored the way the camp is surrounded by all kinds of mythological creatures and traps. It seems anything can happen and the strangest things always do.

Each of the Lumberjanes themselves are amazing in their own ways and this set celebrates Barney coming to join them from the other camp. Having the conversation about pronouns was important and it showed how easy it is. I don’t get why people think of it as so complicated. I mean, I’d get it if there were people who wanted random words used as pronouns, but that’s not what the conversation is actually about and I’m not gonna spin myself up, sorry. The Lumberjanes have that quick conversation and it’s all good. #33 is a bit of an adventure with Diane and her cabin as they bring in Barney.

After that, circumstances bring them to the upset yetis who set out to help. Of course, nothing ever really goes to plan for Roanoke cabin. The beauty of the series has always been a combination of their diversity of both identity and character as well as their combined determination to help whoever they come across, mostly finding unexpected compromises when there can’t be a clear winner. Also, roller derby.

The women they reference this time around are some names I was already pretty familiar with and adored. Here they are:

I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with Marsha P. Johnson, but Hopper and Curie have been mentioned in other books I’ve read about women in science. That this series brings awareness to women of history has been one of my favorite things. It’s an all ages series and anyone not against LGBT people would have fun with it.

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