Shuri and Man-eaters

Here are two exciting new series that focus on women! Both are fantastic in really different ways so far and I look forward to keeping track of them over time. 

Shuri is the first, even though it came out after. Everyone loved Black Panther’s little sister so much on the big screen, so Marvel rolled out a comic all her own in October. The first volume will be available in May and can be pre-ordered already, but this is the first issue. It has a promising start with the T’Challa away and some new gadgets Shuri comes up with and a plan to move forward for Wakanda. She was a fun character and the author of the comic, Nnedi Okorafor, has even said that she intends to stay true to both the comic representation that’s she’s had and the things about Shuri that everyone loved in the movie.

I love the cover. It’s so powerful. The art isn’t quite what I’m used to but that doesn’t make it bad. I had expected an aesthetic like in World of Wakanda but the artist is different so the art is different. Shuri’s still gorgeous and young and not at all made to look too sexy or older than she should be. We’ll see how the story goes! 

Also, I do really love the way Marvel has been getting notable authors of color to do this series. You may remember that World of Wakanda had been written by Roxane Gay and now this author is also an award winning science fiction author. She writes the Binti series that has been on my TBR forever. 

Man-eaters is next and also pretty great. This one is pretty specifically targeted for women. I’d like to say that I could see a man enjoy it, but probably not. It’s just the topic. It’s not so much the cats as where they come from and how they come about….. 

I only read the first issue but I plan on picking up the first volume after it comes out in March. It’s fun in that same way that Bitch Planet and The Power were fun. It can be entertaining to think about that world but I’d never actually like to be in it. I did love the Bitch Planet poster on the wall of one girl’s bedroom. I loved the art and the explanation of Chelsea Cain‘s inspiration in the back. She had written Mockingbird a while back and was both loved and hated for it. There were some great moments but the biggest critique given repeats itself here. There isn’t a lot of representation of women or girls of color in the comic. There were a few but not much. Hopefully Cain introduces more later and attracts a wider cross section of feminists to follow this series.

I particularly loved the faux ads in the back, they reminded me of the ads that were in Bitch Planet that cracked me and creeped me out at the same time. Social and cultural commentary in our entertainment sometimes is important, even when it’s figuratively brutal on one side or another. I obviously prefer this end, but I know enough people enjoying the other end to not feel guilty about it. Again, I’d recommend this comic to other feminists and women who love to see comics that focus on women but probably not to men. I finally know some who aren’t squirmy about periods but I probably won’t push my luck either. It’s listed for girls 13 and up, which is also probably wise to stick to. 

I bought both issues for my Kindle app rather than at the comic shop, though I’ll probably head down there to get the physical volumes to keep when they come out. I’m amassing a collection of women’s focused comics that will be worthy of sharing one day. 

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  1. I suppose one of the perks of getting old is that May 2019 will be here before I know it! I’m really looking forward to Shuri. 😍


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