Some things about me

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some things about me, so here goes.  

  • I am married and have one son. We did talk briefly about trying for more children but we had gone through so much to get to have one son that we could take home with us that we didn’t have fortitude to continue trying. We also felt a little like the struggle for another would detract from the joy of what we have. 
  • I LOVE yoga about as much as my books. I even took an instructor course last year and hope to maybe teach yoga classes in a few years when it’s financially feasible to remove myself from my current career path. I’m probably gonna start peppering the blog with yoga books soon too as I study up on it better. 
  • I am utterly in love #bookstagram but cannot figure out how people put together such beautiful pictures of books or have the budget for so many props or where they keep all that stuff when they aren’t using it. 
  • I have somehow managed to be obsessed with both feminism and Disney princesses. I know the typical complaint but I just don’t see it. They are nuanced group of women that span a long bit of time and an ever-changing cultural expectation for women are more representative of where we are than where we’re going but I don’t think that’s an altogether bad thing all the time. If nothing else, they embody that we are not a hive mind and women like all sorts of things. The franchising is annoying but their characters are amazing.
  • I am barely interested in music and don’t know any current artists beyond the judgement that society heaps on them. I listen to books in the car whenever possible and mostly 90’s music otherwise. The new music I do listen to is usually something I found from a movie or show and thought was pretty good. That said, I do keep 4 emergency playlists. One for my son whenever he’s in the car, one for when I’m so angry about some bs at work that I can’t concentrate on my book that is literally angry girl music, one that I call my adventure music for those times when I need a little pick me up, and one titled homesick full of sad music for when I just need to wallow in my negative feelings. 
  • There are a few television shows and movies with characters I can probably go on about as much as I can books. Some are based on a book or comic, but there really is merit to giving each their time. 
  • I do actually have an instagram and Litsy (StoredFeminism) tied to the blog but not much of a presence. Again, the pictures and the feelings of ineptitude that follows. 

Some book/ goals for my life: 

  • I have so many things that I want to do with this blog but not nearly the time to do it all. One day I want to have a post for every day of the week, but that’s probably so far off. 
  • I’ll never have photos as gorgeous as those #bookstagram ones, but there’s so much room for improvement that I feel like an attainable goal would be to have nice pictures that I took or created myself of more than just book covers to post on instragram. Honestly, just to be able feel like I have an instagram presence at all….. 
  • I am going to write a book one day. Maybe a memoir. Okay, probably a memoir. I also want to write fiction or science fiction. But sometimes I also want to write social commentary and I know I’m going to put together some sort of Bible Commentary or study after all these years of reading and posting through it. 
  • I want to keep up with the comics I love. Seriously, I feel like I never get a chance to get to them in a timely manner to when they came out and I feel like such a part of the problem with good series being let go. I love Spider-Woman and am so upset she got cancelled and the same goes for Silk and Bitch Planet. 
  • Then there are all these series that I want to get to that I haven’t even started yet like the Bombshells from DC and Paper Girls. 

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