Rad Women Worldwide

I read Rad American Women a while back and had been intending to read this ever since. As with the first book, this is a phenomenal list of women doing great work to improve the lives of women everywhere. 

The compilation of women is a little unexpected, but in a good way. There are heads of state, as one might expect, and Nobel Prize winners, but there are also women like the Guerrilla Girls who worked for awareness that the status quo wasn’t working to show people the best among them. Sure, it was working out for some people as individuals, but it only hurts the whole to have talent go unrecognized or unrefined. Because of that, there are women listed who I recognized and plenty that I was hearing about for the first time. 

At the end, there was a list of even more women around the world to go check out on our own. I love this little addition because it just goes to show that there are so many women out there doing so many things that listing them all in one place just isn’t possible, that somewhere along the way people stopped writing down our accomplishment and that they would only be compiled if we compiled them. This is one of several anthologies that I’ve loved to do just that, compile lists of women who have done great work to either lift the station of women as a whole or within subgroups. We have done so much more than even we give ourselves credit for. 

As with the first one, I recommend this to anyone interested in the women who work hard, even now, to improve things for women and girls around the worldwide. Add to your Goodreads TBR here

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