A St. Valentine’s Day Special

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!! 

I know it’s not really considered the most feminist of holidays for so many reasons, but bare with me. I loved the legends I heard of St. Valentine even though much of it has since been considered inconsistent or unreliable. The legend is that after his king heard that married soldiers are less inclined to war than single ones, he ordered that no soldier be allowed to get married. St. Valentine married them in secret anyway. When he was caught and imprisoned, he continued writing letters to the people he had known about the love of Jesus and encouraging them to be loving to each other. 

Then the holiday itself came around to replace a fertility holiday that the church found sinful and things still didn’t quite go the way they wanted to. It stayed a romantic holiday, just a cleaner one. I don’t really celebrate St. Valentine’s day in the traditional sense of either what the church had wanted it to be or the commercialized American version. Both make me a little crazy. However, I do love the opportunity to talk about this beautiful legend and the idea of love and romance. 

Favorite Romance: In the The Girl Who Chassed the Moon,  there are two romantic story lines and the adult one is my absolute favorite. Julia and Sawyer have a complicated history, but it’s the way they react to each other that got me, the way they wanted different things that were really the same. I loved the way they came together, all crazy and fireworks. 

Favorite Kiss: I really have to go with Thorne and Cress from the Lunar Chronicles in Winter. I loved that whole series and while Scarlet and Wolf have a pretty good on in her book too, Thorne and Cress are just so adorable. I love the one in Winter because I have a particular love for the “revelation kiss” where one character just realized that the other one fancies them and decides at some point to just go for it. It’s told from Cress’s POV but I felt like I can tell what Thorne was thinking too and it was just really fun and adorable. The set up was great and so was the way the scene ended. 

Favorite Love: Fabiola and her mother in American Street. There’s more to love than romance and it’s important to include that. Fabiola’s mother sacrifices so much for her and Fabiola tries so hard to get back to her. It isn’t until later in the book that she even realizes what happened, what the plan had always been. The plot doesn’t revolve around the mother daughter relationship, but it was one of the things that stood out about it for me. 

Favorite Friendship: Of course this is the Lumberjanes! I just love them so much. There are some other amazing female friendships in books, but these girls are just the best. 

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