God by Debora Greger

Stars: 4 of 5

I am intrigued by the idea of God in retirement in Florida. I grew up in South Florida, where so many people retire which made the concept hit a little close to home. Still, I could use a book group or poetry class to unpack everything going on in some of the poems here. I’ve only found an appreciation for poetry in the last few years and probably should have spent more time on it.

The poems in the first chapter are layered in history and colonialism. They reference one point in order to make another and then I’m distraught and emotional about real people who died a hundred years ago and left with a feeling that I need to talk with someone about what it all means. I feel like I’ll appreciate more of it as I reread it, like old movies that you watch again as adults and see the message you missed as a child.

It’s a beautiful collection, but the God poems in the beginning were my favorite. I think it could be a great addition to a literature curriculum too. It makes the reader feel the loss of things that our history classes might prefer be glossed over but also those layers mentioned above. The poems do a beautiful job of making the reader feel what may otherwise just be a paragraph in a history book. Add God to your Goodreads TBR here, and check it out!

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