Princeless Volume 4

Stars: 4 of 5

I love this series! Each one takes on a different “traditional” feminine thing and turns it on it’s head a little. It doesn’t make fun of that thing to do it either. The first book had about waiting around for a man to be saved, then the cost and benefit of being admired, and now the need to have someone in your life. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the way the series not only does these things, but calls it all out and doesn’t sexualize the young princesses.

I do appreciate that theme of the volume is also balanced with the prince, Adrienne’s brother and another way of looking at what’s going on. There’s either a parallel to how it can be or some contrary way of doing things that goes against sexism. It’s all very tongue in cheek and fun, while making a great point. It’s also actually targeted for kids and the plots and art are appropriate for them. I know some might say it’s preachy of feminism or liberalism, but so many things are preachy of sexism that I could care less about that. It’s just nice to see something for a kid that calls out the crap in the world. It’s not like none of them ever question these things on their own. Now they have a comic to enjoy when they know sexist crap is just crap.

It’s not the preaching that makes it good either. It’s just a good comic with great art and fun characters and a plot that I enjoy. Check it out here.

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