This is How I Save My Life: A True Story of Finding Everything When You are Willing to Try Anything by Amy B. Scher

There were a lot of things to love about this book. I do love books about travel and meeting new cultures, especially those where the culture is embraced by the person entering it. I know not everyone is compatible with every place they venture, but I still prefer they show some respect. Scher more than does that, even with the things in India that she didn’t particularly enjoy.

I am not one of those people who grew up in the woods, so I had never really heard much about ticks until I was an adult and moved around and lived in Virginia a while. I couldn’t really take in what people said about it either because it never made sense until I read Namaslay last year. Candace Moore had also suffered from a horrible case of Lyme disease, so I wasn’t too surprised with Scher’s predicament by the time I was reading this one. The way she found healing, on the other hand, are quite different. I suppose when it comes to such an unpredictable disease methods will be different.

This is How I Save My Life doesn’t cover the whole journey that Scher undertook, just the part that saved her. It saved her in more ways than one and it was amazing to read about. Anyone who is into memoirs or medical battles should read this book. It gives just what the title suggests, getting to the last ditch effort and finding more than you were looking for. Scher’s openness about her story and her style of telling it kept much of the book upbeat despite the topic and made for a great read.

I also enjoyed the acknowledgements, where she mentions several other women’s memoirs as inspiration. Check it out on Goodreads and add to your TBR here.

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