to make monsters out of girls by amanda lovelace

This is the third book of amanda lovelace’s that I’ve read and loved. Though the themes stay pretty much the same, there are enough differences in each poem and collection to keep me wanting to read more of her work. This is actually a different series than those I had read before. It is the first in the things that h(a)unt duology, the others I read come from the women are some kind of magic series. I look forward to reading the second collection in the duology and I also picked up the third in the women are some kind of magic series to read and review soon, titled the mermaid’s voice returns in this one.
I’ve seen some criticism about the way lovelace structures her poems, but I love it. Many would only make up a sentence or two but there are more layers to it than I think those critics give her credit for. I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much had I read these before I was steeped in feminist ideology. Don’t get me wrong, any woman could appreciate the sentiment of most of her poems, especially in this collection, but there’s just something else there too. It’s almost like watching a Disney or Pixar movie as an adult. You get all the same jokes as when you were a kid, but there are undertones and innuendo that eluded most people at younger ages. In that same way, feminism just adds more layers to these poems. This collection, as with the others, can also be triggering, but there is a warning in the beginning for those subjects.
The one criticism that I would give this one is that it didn’t give me that same feeling by the end that it lived up to the title. There was plenty of bloodshed, so to speak, but I didn’t feel like I got to enjoy or really fall into her being a monster. In the other collections, I got to really see the princess save herself and really feel that the witch didn’t burn but burned others, but not here. It lived further into the series title of things that hunt and haunt than that she became a monster to be feared. Nevertheless, I did greatly enjoy this collection altogether and the poems within it.
As with the others, there are so many people that I would recommend this to and I wish I could take a class on this kind of poetry or see it folded into a normal poetry class. Maybe one day at some college. I know the triggers make it unsuitable for high schools, but I wish. There’s just so much of the female experience, so many of the painful parts. There’s a part of me that really wishes for a collection on pregnancy and all the things that come with that experience. It’s so beautiful and so terrible at the same time and I just need something like this for that.

If you are at all into poetry, read amanda lovelace. If you are a feminist dabbling in poetry, read amanda lovelace. If you want to understand the feel of it all, read amanda lovelace. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her work.

Check out her work on Goodreads here or just buy it now from Amazon here.

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