The Shaw Confessions Series: The Becoming and The Reckoning

I had read and loved the Mara Dyer series earlier this year and picked this one up shortly after. I was trying to wait until the last one came out to read and review them together, but patience is not one of the virtues I possess when it comes to books, especially to Noah Shaw. I love him.

In this series, we’re in his head rather than Mara’s. As a series, I wouldn’t consider it independent of the first one. Definitely read the Mara Dyer series first. It does kind of review the other information, but not extensively and it could be confusing. Plus, the first series is amazing and should definitely should be read anyway if you enjoy paranormal YA romance. It’s a guilty pleasure. This time, we’re in Noah’s first person POV, not only experiencing the world the way that he does but also getting a better look at his side of the relationship he shares with Mara. More than that, we learn more about his relationship ship with David, Mara’s brother, and the way they get along. I really loved that part of it.

Things start off well, picking up where the last series left off for the most part, and then life gets out of hand. It’s a book and a series, so I would expect the monsters to be let out on these relatable characters at any moment and it certainly didn’t take long.

The continuation of their story is just that. I don’t see it as some crazy new thing but the logical next place that the powers that be in their lives were likely gonna go. But I didn’t know who all the powers that be were in the beginning. Still, the last series left enough of a thread out there to know that this Affliction had a wide ranging impact and to surmise that there were probably more players in the game than those we already met.

Both books have some interesting revelations in addition to endings that I reread over and over again. One broke my heart and the other just left me shocked. You know how you can be shocked sometimes even when you kinda saw it coming? That was me. I mean, I didn’t completely see it coming but damn.

I had been looking forward to the series and now the wait for the last book is almost intolerable. I can’t wait to read it and see how things go, especially given the epilogue of the second book. Save these two for later at Goodreads or buy them now at Amazon here!

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