A House of My Own by Sandra Cisneros

I’d been meaning to read The House on Mango Street for a few years now but given my preference for memoir, I’m not at all surprised that I gravitated towards Cisneros’s memoir first.

Ok, it’s not exactly a memoir, but it is. It’s a collection of essays about her life and her work, the inspiration for some stories along with the ways that they were received.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite essay or even topic. They seemed to follow the decision making and flow of Cisneros’s life in a logical form that brought us around to the idea that she has always been looking for a house of her own and a place to take root but that her restlessness has made that difficult. On a personal note, I love her outlook on life and her feminism. I appreciate standing up to a traditional family and doing what one feels is right for yourself rather than being pushed into something like marriage.

Cisneros narrated this collection, which only made me even happier to have listened to the audiobook rather than read it for myself. I got to listen to her words in her voice and get all those little things from the way she says things that isn’t always possible from just written the word. Plus, she has a beautiful speaking voice.

Overall, a great memoir, or collection of essays on her personal and professional life. I need to read The House on Mango Street now. I do love the essay about her feelings and take on her book being banned. I’ve never thought before about how the author might take that kind of news or what their opinion might be on it. Her point, as I would expect an author’s to be, was well articulated and spot on. When we homogenize the experience of childhood, anyone with a different experience feels different. But childhood, like marriage, isn’t something that can be the same for everyone when people are so different. There should be books out there for more than one experience.

Save A House of My Own on Goodreads for later here or buy it now on Amazon here.

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