It’s been a few years months and I’ve done some thinking about this blog and its progression and it’s time to jump back in!

The schedule I had before is resuming for the most part. Every week followers can anticipate Memoir Monday, a post on the Bible, and a post about a book I read. I’m excited to finish and the Read Harder Challenge and post the reviews, even though they’ll run into next years posts. The only real change is going to be on the yoga posts.

I love yoga and still do it every day I can but I’m changing up the way the blog engages with it. This is still a book blog and I dont want to get away from that. I’ll be posting about yogis and yoga books and getting into the study of yoga beyond exercise. I still plan on finishing up my sequences and giving everyone a picture on how I engage with it but that sort of thing is then moving over to Instagram.

Theres gonna be a lot more yoga and general life and self care on Instagram. That stuff is an important part of my life and how I maintain balance but I just dont want to stray too far from this being a book blog. I love my books.

I may also take a break around Christmas, but we’ll see. I hope everyone has been well! Thank you for your patience!

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