Putting it all together

Trying out Mermaid pose in my mermaid pants!

I’ve been following several yoga blogs and pinning poses I want to try out or work towards for a while, but it wasn’t until this summer that I started participating in it all. Yoga is about union, which in my mind, includes sharing the practice. It’s made me feel a little more a part of the yoga community at large and contributed to the way I encourage people to try it out. In this, I’ve become a bit of an evangelist. I’m a believer that yoga can make you feel better in more ways than one. The first sign is always the physical, getting a good exercise in that doesn’t hurt at the end is amazing in itself. Then the posture improves, then the confidence along with it. Somewhere along the way the breath and control lessens anxiety and before you know it, savasana is the best part of the day and even the connection to the spiritual strengthens no matter what your faith is. It’s an amazing thing. Also, yoga contributes to physical therapy for a lot of ailments. I’ve come to consider it a cure all for whatever is wrong in life and am glad that I’ve finally started to share it with people.

For my level introvert, it’s a big step just to be able to invite people to practice because that was my time to be in my own head and to settle it down and reconnect with my own thoughts after having to talk to people all day. I’ve come to a place where I’m comfortable sharing my practice with people, which hasn’t been easy to come to. Even that, though, depends on how much introvert time I’ve had. I find my practice incredibly personal and sharing sequences here has really helped with my comfort in sharing it overall.

Now that several sequences have appeared on this blog, we’re going to take some time and put them together to make things a little easier overall. I find it a little funny, but since sharing the way I had been doing my practice, things have changed a little. I’ve been a little less structured lately and that’s okay too. It’s part of the beauty of the practice. We practice what we need to be working on and that can change from day to day. That’s okay too, it’s all part of the flexibility of yoga.

Here are my stock sequences in case you’re thinking about trying it out:

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