Hardcore Introverting

Like a lot of us, I fell totally off the radar in the last week. I’ve been introverting with the family since the pandemic started. It’s really been more like hibernating. Not much work has been happening, mostly laying around and watching shows or playing cards. I’m grateful none of us are sick right now so we’re catching up on family time while my husband is recovering.

We managed to get my husband in for ACL surgery at the beginning of the week. He had been needing to do it for a while and I’m grateful to the surgeon for moving him up to one of the last patients he’d see. With the recommendations for social distancing and staying home, it turned out to be the time with the least impact on our work schedules for the surgery to happen. Of course, that also means that I’ve spent a lot of time doing the things that he would normally do around the house and going for ice for his leg.

After years of hearing about the epidemics of history before vaccines and antibiotics, I honestly never thought I’d see anything like this pandemic in my lifetime. As introverts, my son and I are pretty much ok with staying in while my husband is getting stir crazy but he’ll be fine. As I mentioned before, he had surgery and couldn’t move anyway. I think he’s glad that the home time for both surgery and COVID-19 are overlapping instead of having to do both seperately.

In the wait to find out what my son’s school would do plus spring break the week before last, we started doing some more reading at home than I normally get to do with him. I don’t know how I ended up with a kid who is neither a big reader nor able to do yoga but such is life. We’ve been doing a little yoga every day too, which has also been good for him. He got a little yoga book a few years ago that he loves. Its has about ten poses and he always gets it out for us to do yoga and have to do those poses. It’s proven more difficult than I was prepared for to find a good book for him to just read at this age.

He’s too big for picture books. I’d like to get into some classics but he gets bored quickly. The last good book we were able to get through was Ender’s Game of all things. I knew I’d have him with the battle room. We managed to get through it with a combination of me reading it to him, listening to the audiobook in his room with Alexa (totally his choice, which I hadn’t prompted and was fairly excited about), and watching the movie after. He really enjoyed the movie.

We talked about A Wrinkle in Time because he loved the movie. I tried a little Sherlock because his dad read that at about his age. He brought me the King Arthur saga but it was too Old English despite that he loves The Kid Who Would Be King movie that came out not too long ago.

Today he brought me The Wishing Spell. We’ll see if that goes any better. Is anyone else having better luck reading with kids lately?

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