Expanding my home practice

Everyone is learning a bit about what it’s like to have a home practice, but I’ve been set up for this for a few years now. In most of the places I’ve rented before my current house, I had to make space for yoga somewhere when it was time to practice. Usually, it was the living room but sometimes there were some other spaces. I never had to move furniture around to roll out the map, which was fortunate, but I did have to dodge puppies sometimes. After a while, the dogs do learn to leave me alone. Most of them. Sometimes they see it as an opportunity to come sniff my face.

When I got this house, I insisted on a yoga room and my husband was good with it once I proved that we had the room. We bought some stuff for it, as you all have seen and it’s become quite the yoga space. He also built me a deck on the back of the house by his pond so I can do yoga back there. So, I have a great home practice at this point. It would be kinda great to teach at home one day with private classes for people with specific needs.

And then the pandemic hit. And then schools were cancelled. And then a week or so into schools being out along with social distancing, I realized that my son hadn’t done anything active for more than a week. He was not excited when we informed him that this meant he would now start doing daily yoga with mom. As I mentioned a few days ago, my husband had surgery and is not practicing with us. Well, he’s not doing asana. It turns out that he is amazing at guided meditation and has made savasana possible with our son.

We had some issues with motivation and attitude the first few days and I did what I always do when I’m having problems with something. I went in search of a book. I found Teach Your Kid Yoga by Lisa Roberts and it changed the way we were doing things. First of all, it made beautiful sense out of our son’s horribly tight hamstrings. My first thoughts had been less than yogic. Roberts points out that with kids, growth spurts have a tendency to make flexibility change over night. We had no idea that would happen.

Along with some good general advice for parents who are teaching their kids yoga, there’s also a section that has some specific advice for age groups. It includes all aspects of yoga in regard to children, so there’s guidance on breathing exercises and relaxation and meditation. There are several themed sequences to help wih interest too.

I had looked some stuff up on Pinterest before finding this book and saw some themed stuff but I wasn’t so sure about it. It looked like good stuff but my son is a pretty sassy nine and most of the themes seemed like I’d be talking down to him at this point. Instead of assuming, I asked him how he felt about it. He said no the first day, but then asked if we could do a Fantastic Four theme the next day. With his level of creativity, I like the idea of us telling a story together with yoga.

Also, he really does love that Good Morning Yoga book. It occurred to me that what really needed to happen was for me to work on my yoga instructor voice. The Good Morning Yoga book is a nice little picture book in a calm voice and cute names for the poses that makes sense for their shapes. It’s adorable.

We’ll see how practice progresses? Is anyone else expanding their practice with family?

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