April International Days

I’ve been enjoying writing about the UN International commemoration or remembrance days. I don’t have something new to read for every day, but there are some. This time, I’ll have every day listed, but would love suggestions in the comments for days that I don’t have books. Thanks!!

2 April

World Autism Awareness Day  (A/RES/62/139)

4 April

International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action  (A/RES/60/97)

5 April

International Day of Conscience (A/RES/73/329)

I feel like the best thing for this are the Nobel Peace Prize Winners. Here are the books I’ve read from them. All memoir.

6 April

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace  (A/RES/67/296)

Since this day is about sport and exercise as it pertains to development, here are some books about women staying active.

7 April

International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda  (A/72/49 (Vol. III) p.186 and A/RES/58/234)

7 April

World Health Day  [WHO]  (WHA/A.2/Res.35)

12 April

International Day of Human Space Flight  (A/RES/65/271)

14 April

World Chagas Disease Day [WHO]

20 April

Chinese Language Day (Chinese)

21 April

World Creativity and Innovation Day (A/RES/71/284)

22 April

International Mother Earth Day  (A/RES/63/278)

23 April

World Book and Copyright Day  (UNESCO 28 C/Resolution 3.18)

23 April

English Language Day 

23 April

Spanish Language Day (Spanish)

Books originally written in Spanish

23 April (fourth Thursday of April)

International Girls in ICT Day [ITU]

Girls in Information and Communication Technologies, these are all repeats, but just as good here.

24 April

International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace (A/RES/73/127)

25 April 

International Delegate’s Day (A/RES/73/286)

25 April

World Malaria Day [WHO]

26 April

International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day (A/RES/71/125)

26 April

World Intellectual Property Day [WIPO]

28 April

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

30 April

International Jazz Day (UNESCO 36 C/Resolution 39)

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