A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

I had a decent rotation going for my posts to make sure I covered all my interests for a while there, but now life has intervened. Nothing bad, just busy and hard to keep track and I made a plan to not let things get crazy so I’m letting it go.

It’s actually kinda funny for me that I’ve barely had it together to practice yoga lately but it doesn’t really stop me from practicing. I’m working on letting go of the things that don’t serve me right now and this week it’s not getting wound up about not keeping pace here. I am however, keeping a decent pace on my reading and glad to just skip ahead to writing this review.

I loved this book and am really looking forward to the next installment, which is currently on hold at my library. I love science fiction to begin with but I never really got into the interdimensional travel stuff before. I was interested but hadn’t seen a compelling story within it. I was weary but this is great. I love the protagonist, Marguerite, and what makes her special so to speak. This is also my favorite kind of love triangle, where it is and it isn’t and there’s more than meets the eye. It’s mostly about having solid slow builds with the love interests and not a sudden thing or a romance based on jealousy. Those are annoying.

Also, I couldn’t resist this title. It’s gorgeous and paints it own picture, especially when you learn what the story is about and even more when you get the idea of how the interdimensional travel works, and especially when you consider some of the theories in the book about patterns and such. It really brings the title around beautifully.

The twists and turns of Marguerite’s understanding of her own situation are great too. She’s the perfect kind of protagonist for this kind of story. She vaguely understands the science she is dealing with, which aids in moving the story along and aids in halting it too. Because she’s a lay person, we don’t get over explanations of the science. Of course, that’s not as big an issue in YA Sci-fi as it is in adult science fiction, but it drives me crazy. The dimensions and the variations of the characters within the dimensions are interesting and different.

Both her partner in this quest and the antagonist who began it are interesting characters as well. Theo, her partner, has his quirks and develops in an interesting way. More than the kind of guy his character is written as, I appreciate the way his obstacles are written. I’ve known plenty of Theos and though many were well intentioned, I found the different places he found himself in the other dimensions and the way they kept him from the action at times well written.

Likewise, the antagonist’s placement in different dimensions worked out the same. It pulled and pushed them together, varying the confrontations and perspectives.

The twist of the end was my favorite part. There were kind of two twists but I only liked one of them. The other was a good twist that helped propell the plot, but the one I like went a long way to enrich the story for me. I look forward to the next book and learning more about the intricacies of interdimensional travel.

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