A library is thought in cold storage. -Herbert Samuel

When I was a teenager, I came across this quote and it has stuck with me ever since. I love the imagery and sentiment that it invokes. This blog is my study of feminism and books and the lives of women and Christianity.

My intent is to discuss books and to encourage peaceful conversation and compassion when we consider opposing views. Topics are likely to include:

  • feminism
  • masculism
  • non-binary genders
  • intersectionalism
  • masculinity
  • femininity
  • sexism
  • racism
  • LGBT issues
  • human rights
  • human trafficking
  • maternal health
  • reproductive rights
  • and pretty much any other social issue included in a book that piques my interest and can relate back to feminism.

While doing so, I promise to not rant and will not abide the following things in comments:

  • blaming
  • shaming
  • hateful rhetoric
  • inflammatory speech

On all sides of any of these issues, I am concerned with respectful discussion. Unfortunately, radical opposites are an unavoidable evil in this world. Any discussion is welcome, including opposing points, so long as it is done respectfully. Bear in mind when making these comments that not everyone will convert to your way of thinking, it is not a requirement in a discussion to agree at the end of it.

If I feel like someone is being inflammatory or hateful, I will warn them first and delete their comments if they persist. I am also not here to be lectured or preached to on any issue. There is a difference between discussion and lecturing/preaching, please respect that.

If you want to know about me, click here.


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  1. Thanks for the follow, Heather!

    Like you, I’m a passionate feminist, even though many would find me not tough enough or radical enough. So I love what your blog stands for: peaceful discussions and a willingness to listen to the other side. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I find it hard to be considered a “good” feminist by anyone, even other feminists. I just do my thing and try to have discussions instead of throwing mud at people. While I get the “bad cop” can be a necessary part of some things, I don’t find it helpful and just feel uncomfortable with it. Thanks for the follow!


  2. Quite a mouthful you want to tackle. In case you live in the United States of America it shall not be easy topics with such very conservative Christians and also with a lot of intolerant evangelist and fundamentalist so called Christian groups.

    For us it is not clear what you might mean with being a “Jesus feminist” and noticing you want also to write about gender issues it might bring up questions from which pint of view you consider you a woman and a feminist, certainly when you refer to books which put attention to the colour ‘Pink’ which in our regions is considered to be the sign or colour for denoting one is gay, but today some transgender who pronounce themselves to be woman also wear such pink ribbon. therefore it is not clear if you yourself were born in a man’s body but felt a woman or if you were born in a female body feeling a woman who wants a manly woman as partner instead of a man, or if you were born in a female body and prefers to have a intimate relationship with a partner of the opposite sex. Or at last, more ‘dangerously’, being born in a woman’s body and detesting all sorts of women who are not a ‘pure’ woman in your eyes or in the eyes of society.

    Feminism can cover a lot of things.

    Perhaps clarity would help to give us an idea how you want to look at the words in the Bible.

    We wish you a lot of success.


    1. I know, I’ve had run ins with the more fundamentalist kinds of Christians when I was writing my last blog and it took a while to get them to go away. They were hateful in the way they spoke to me and I just don’t engage with that at all anymore.
      As far as what being a Jesus Feminist means, the link goes to a book of that title. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to people who try to tell me that feminism and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Why try to re-explain a concept that’s already written so perfectly?
      For me, pink is just a color. It’s not my favorite color, but I don’t assign it a gender. It’s just a color.
      Since you asked, I am a cisgender woman.
      I am still doing my “first pass” through the Bible and am trying to kind of look at things at face value, unless it is confusing or contradictory, and then I dig in a little. I hope to do more passes through and dig deeper into everything, but I want my first look to be untarnished by what other people say or think about the words I’m reading.


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