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This is my second blog, the first one was Create Parity. Feel free to visit but I don’t write to it anymore. All of the reviews for this blog that are from before April 2015 will link back to Create Parity. That was where I got my first taste for reading about and writing on feminism. I didn’t know it until just about the time I started that blog, but I’ve always been a feminist. I would have denied it before that, but I was among the many who had feminism confused with man-hating and bitching.
Feminism, like Christianity, can be misrepresented by even the most well-meaning individual and it can be co-opted by anyone. Neither is perfect, but both try to make the world a little safer and happier for everyone. Whether or not you believe this is your own opinion and you will not dissuade me, so please don’t try. I am both a Jesus Feminist and a Bad Feminist.

I love to read and to talk about the things that I read. I find that I gush a little too much on what I am reading to the people around me and I may fangirl a bit hard when someone has read a book I love. Knowing the internet and fangirls, I’m probably not the only one that feels that way about feminism or these books. I don’t think there is a single genre of book that could really be termed feminist, but I do explore feminism and feminist thought quite a bit. I don’t enjoy going into the foray of anti-feminist thought much but I’m not afraid of it either. I just don’t read books that I don’t enjoy. I’ll give anything suggested a try, but I may give up on a book quickly if I find it to be derogatory or distasteful, no matter what the subject matter is.

I don’t dwell on one kind feminism, so don’t be surprised to see a range of feminist books from Lean In to Out and Equal at Work to At the Dark End of the Street and Women of the Wall . I love a good biography too and expect to see all kinds. I understand that there will be a disproportionate amount of reading on this or that thing, please understand that it’s based on what’s got my interest at the moment and what I have access to right now. My intention is not to leave anyone out, but I do go through spurts of intense interest in one thing or another.

I love suggestions! Check me out on Goodreads or Booklikes to see what I’m currently reading and what’s coming up next!

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