Looking back on Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes is a short book of 12 chapters. I had split them into two posts because┬áthe length of the posts were getting a little out of hand. There are no people mentioned in the book by name, but it is a book of wisdom and there is advice for men and women and for men... Continue Reading →

Ecclesiastes 7-12: Sermons on wisdom

I had really wanted to do all of Ecclesiastes in one post but it proved to be too much. The first half is fairly uneventful but this half gets a little out of hand. Still, it doesn't mention specific women by name and just about everything the book has to say about women is in... Continue Reading →

Ecclesiastes 1-6: A book of vanity and wisdom

This is the fourth book of the Bible that is intended to be used for wisdom (the first three being Job, Psalms, and Proverbs). The author refers to himself as a son of David which could be read as Solomon but many other kings were referred to this way back in Kings. I think it... Continue Reading →

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