Jeremiah 46-52: Lots of destruction

After the last time Nebuchadnezzar came and rounded up some of the people to take into exike, those who were left behind decided to go to Egypt, against the expressed desire of God, and took Jeremiah with them. Chapter 44 had some pretty specific consequences that were to befall them. Chaper forty six There is... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah 34-45: Taken into exile

I'm not going to pretend to¬† have a solid understanding of how the people were conquered and different waves were taken into exile between Israel and Judah and which king was succeeded to the throne or was placed or what. There's a lot going on and some shifting around of narratives, as you'll see in... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah 30-33: Promises of Restoration after exile

Things aren't exactly looking up for Judah or Israel yet, but they're not getting worse anymore. The people have already been taken into captivity and this section begins the promises of restoration. Chapter thirty As mentioned above, this chapter sets off a series of promises for restoration when their punishment is over. Make no mistake,... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah 21-29: Leading up to exile

Again we find ourselves in need of older chapters or posts to figure out what's going on. This set of chapters take place during 2 Kings 24, when Nebuchadnezzar has come and Zedekiah has become king in Jerusalem. This set of chapters are about Jeremiah and several conflicts with the people in general and some... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah 11-20: Talking to God

Most of this segment is a kind of conversation between Jeremiah and God while anarchy seems to ensue around them. Jeremiah wants to understand why his world is so messed up and God seems to want him to see it. Chapter eleven This chapter mostly talks about men and fathers breaking covenant. Not sure if... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah 7-10: More warnings

The warnings to Judah continue to this set of chapters, but their tone has changed a touch. Before, they were threatening. If you don't stop doing this, I will do this. Now they are declaring what's to come. There are fewer mentions of a possible redemption and more reminders that all these things befell Israel... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah 1-6: Warnings

Jeremiah is considered one of the "major" prophets and he is contemporary to some of the kings we've heard about so far. He is the son of the priest Hilkiah, who is the one that brings the Book of the Law out from some storage area back in 2 Chronicles 34 and 2 Kings 22.... Continue Reading →

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