Job 32-42: Elihu rants and God answers

I'm a little late to finishing up Job, but it's been a big month of crazy. I look forward to settling down and getting back to something resembling normal. Last time we left Job's story, his friends had spent chapters trying to talk their way through the situation with him and make it out to... Continue Reading →

Job 20-31 : Still not helping

If you recall from the last set of chapters, Job's friends are trying to talk to him. They sound like all friends in the middle of a tragedy, which is that they are not helping. There is no comfort that can be derived and no figuring out of what he did wrong to the Almighty... Continue Reading →

Job 1-10 : The set up

Alas, we come to Job. His is not a story that I have ever enjoyed even concept of. A bet? I hate to sound blasphemous, but I would imagine God above this sort of thing. Then again, it is often theorized that this is a legend or parable type of story and not one meant... Continue Reading →

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