Reflection of Mark

Mark is the second book in the New Testament, second gospel, and second of the synoptics. I have to wonder if that makes it the book of the Jesus’s life seen as second most accurate at the Council of Nicea. A lot of books were considered but not all made the cut. Based on some... Continue Reading →

Mark 16

For the full text of Mark 16, click here. This last chapter, as the last chapter of Matthew, is all about the resurrection of Jesus. Salome is also mentioned here as being with Mary Magdelene and  Mary the mother of James on the day that they went to the tomb. This time Mary Magdelene is... Continue Reading →

Mark 15

For the full text of Mark 15, click here. From the arrest and trial last chapter, this one gets into the sentencing. Jesus is taken to see Pilate in the morning for sentencing. He tries to get to what the problem is but Jesus doesn’t give him much to go on. There are a few... Continue Reading →

Mark 14

For the full text of Mark 14, click here. Most of this chapter mirrors Matthew 25, but there are some little differences worth talking about. Mark 14 covers a lot of ground from the beginning of the plot to kill Jesus all the way to Peter’s betrayal. For starters, this one is missing the part... Continue Reading →

Mark 13

For the full text of Mark 13, click here. When I first came across Jesus foretelling the destruction of the temple in Matthew 24, my impression had been different. There's just something strange about the off-handed manner in which Jesus says that everything will be destroyed and that the disciples just go about their day... Continue Reading →

Mark 12

For the full text of Mark 12, click here. The conversation with the chief priests and scribes of the temple in chapter eleven continue here. They have asked whose authority Jesus has to drive out the money-changers and call them a den of robbers. He answers with a question that traps them and then follows... Continue Reading →

Mark 11

For the full text of Mark 11, click here. Chapter eleven begins with Jesus's "triumphal entry" into Jerusalem. This is the part where everyone is happy to see Him show up on the "colt" or donkey and throwing palms at His feet. He's the famous traveling prophet who heals everybody and everybody is so glad... Continue Reading →

Mark 10

For the full text of Mark 10, click here. Chapter ten opens with a teaching about divorce that is fairly controversial these days. Not only does Jesus point out that "God made them male and female" in order to make His point about marriage and cleaving to one's wife, but He also says something along... Continue Reading →

Mark 9

For the full text of Mark 9, click here. The last chapter ended with a story of Jesus foretelling His death and resurrection. Strangely, this story overlaps into chapter 9 by one verse. This verse comes after the point in His story where Peter tried to tell Him that he would never let that happen... Continue Reading →

Mark 8

For the full text of Mark 8, click here. The chapter begins by revisiting the story of Jesus feeding another four thousand people with seven loaves of bread and "a few" fish with tons of leftovers from Matthew 15. The name of the place they go to next is different in the two accounts but... Continue Reading →

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