Proverbs 25-30: More Proverbs of Solomon and the words of Agur

There was already a huge list of proverbs by Solomon but they were apparently recorded differently, perhaps simply at a different time. This set opens in the first verse with that these were copied by Hezekiah. You might remember him from Kings. For the others, click here. Proverbs 25 I just wanna take a moment... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 22-24

This set begins the 30 pieces of advice that are collected as the "Words of the Wise". To be fair, they really are pretty good in a general way. They're good advice for men or women, but as most of this advice reads, it's mostly directed at men. We'll cover the mentions of women and... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 10-22: The Proverbs of Solomon

Here we come across a collection of twelve chapters that all go together as the┬áProverbs of Solomon. They are written as short snippets but run together, so we're going to cover all twelve chapters of them in one big go. I hope you're ready. The good news is that they tend to be fairly commonly... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 7-9: Personifications

Good morning! I'm so glad to be rolling with these again and this book has been a little fun so far. Proverbs 7 Yet another warning against adulteress women and telling men to keep it in their pants if the woman isn't their own wife. We talked about this in the last post as well,... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 3-6: Wisdom about prosperity and against adultery

It's been a while since I dug in and got back into my Bible reading, but I'm glad to be back at it. I know this project is a little daunting sometimes and not everything has to do with or mentions women specifically, so it may seem that reading and blogging through even those portions... Continue Reading →

Proverbs 1 & 2: The Beginning of Knowledge

As I mentioned in my Happenings post for April, I'm saving the Psalms for every April until the end of this endeavor. There are far too many and rather than get stuck and lose motivation as I was getting close, I thought the "poems" of the Bible can stay in National Poetry Month and we'll... Continue Reading →

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