Hardcore Introverting

Like a lot of us, I fell totally off the radar in the last week. I've been introverting with the family since the pandemic started. It's really been more like hibernating. Not much work has been happening, mostly laying around and watching shows or playing cards. I'm grateful none of us are sick right now... Continue Reading →

Glass ceilings, cliffs, and basements

Just in case anyone uncertain about these terms, these "glass" structures are the invisible, barely perceptible, seemingly immovable structures that keep people from reaching their full potential in the job market or public sector. Last year, Hillary Clinton was pushed hard off the glass cliff that is the US presidency and we ended up with... Continue Reading →

Free will, self determination, identity politics, and God

The idea of these four things or concepts don't always seem to go together but between a sermon I heard the other day and knowing a little about what's going on in my denomination of Christianity and this project to read and blog through the whole Bible, I'm feeling a little lost. I've been trying... Continue Reading →

Queer Theory, Gender Theory: An Instant Primer by Riki Wilchins

Review: For much of Queer Theory, Gender Theory, I was in love with the content of this book, but I may have gotten an ARC or something by accident because the writing was a bit of a mess. When it comes to books about issues and activism, I have hard time judging them on grammar, so... Continue Reading →

Peer Marriage, Opting Out, and the revolution at home

Last month, I got a little into what comes next for women as we strive to move forward and break down barriers. Much of the way forward for me has been breaking down the gender stereotypes that I run into for myself and talking to those around me about the way they see gender when... Continue Reading →

Whipping Girl, Delusions of Gender, and what comes next

Back on the 26th, I posted about Women's Equality Day in the US and what it means. It commemorates our getting the vote back in 1920. Though this was not without it's local barriers. I also asked the question: What comes next? When I first asked myself that question a few years ago, the answer... Continue Reading →

US Women’s Equality Day

Today commemorates the end of the women's suffrage movement in the US 97 years ago. Last year, while the first US presidential race with a woman as a nominee of a major party was raging on, I posted some book recommendations on the path of progress that women in the US have paved up to... Continue Reading →

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