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This is an interesting list that I just had to share. This is my community service to book-bloggers – a list of the books that appear most frequently on all of the lists (32 of them) I listed on Best Books of 2017 – A List of Lists. So here it is, the 2017 Commonly-Agreed-by-the-People-Who-Publish-Best-of-2017-Book-Lists-Before-December-31... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on translating books

I had posted about book translators and the need for more of this going a few weeks ago, but wanted to reblog this post as an addition to mine. There’s lots of good information here about getting into the business of it, if you are so able. Also, the references to Lisa Carter in the article should be helpful for aspiring translators.

Thoughts On Translation

Book translation has been on my radar screen lately; Eve Bodeux and I translated a novel together last year, and I’ve just finished translating another novel and a mountaineering memoir (more on these when they’re published!). Then, as if there were something in the air, a couple of readers e-mailed me questions about book translation. So, let’s have a crack at this interesting topic.

First, almost everything I know about the business of book translation, I learned from Lisa Carter. Her blog is truly a gold mine of advice for aspiring literary translators, especially those who want to make some money while they’re at it. So, for the authoritative word on literary translation, listen to Lisa! You can literally listen to her, in an interview on Tess Whitty’s podcast, which I also recommend!

The harsh reality is that unless you get in on the ground floor of the…

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Review: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

I will definitely have to read this! Thanks for the recommendation!

lisa talks about...

The Art of AskingThe Blurb

Rock star, crowdfunding pioneer, and TED speaker Amanda Palmer knows all about asking. Performing as a living statue in a wedding dress, she wordlessly asked thousands of passersby for their dollars. When she became a singer, songwriter, and musician, she was not afraid to ask her audience to support her as she surfed the crowd (and slept on their couches while touring). And when she left her record label to strike out on her own, she asked her fans to support her in making an album, leading to the world’s most successful music Kickstarter.

Even while Amanda is both celebrated and attacked for her fearlessness in asking for help, she finds that there are important things she cannot ask for-as a musician, as a friend, and as a wife. She learns that she isn’t alone in this, that so many people are afraid to ask for help, and…

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FF Author / Poet Interview : Sujata Parashar

ARC Review: The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith

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Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.25.18 PM.png23546634.jpg

The Way I Used To Be
by Amber Smith
Genre: YA
Publication: March 22nd 2016 by Margaret K. McElderry Books
Series: n/a
Format: eARC from publisher


In the tradition of Speak, this extraordinary debut novel shares the unforgettable story of a young woman as she struggles to find strength in the aftermath of an assault.

Eden was always good at being good. Starting high school didn’t change who she was. But the night her brother’s best friend rapes her, Eden’s world capsizes.

What was once simple, is now complex. What Eden once loved—who she once loved—she now hates. What she thought she knew to be true, is now lies. Nothing makes sense anymore, and she knows she’s supposed to tell someone what happened but she can’t. So she buries it instead. And she buries the way she used to be.

Told in four parts—freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior…

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FF Review : She, Ekla Cholo Re

Why Consent in YA Matters | Discussion

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Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.58.48 PM

Romance in YA books is quite prevalent, and people read them all the time. But what do we do when those romance books are spreading a harmful, dangerous message?

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Fem(+me) Friday!

A Stranger's Guide To Novels

Hey guys, I am hear to start off a new blog weekly blog meme. Well all like some female empowerment from time to time and what better than to celebrate females that are in the bookish industry and world. This fantastic meme was created by Vicky @ Books and Strips and it’s still pretty new. I am grateful for Vicky to have tagged me in her Femme Friday introduction post and though I don’t identify myself as a feminist (that’s why I changed the name slightly) , I am still up for female empowerment and spotlighting.

So you can really identify any female in the book world(authors, illustrators and publishers to characters and cover designers) and today I will be spotlighting…

N.C. Sousa!

aka the person who created this fabulous cover-


and this one,


and this one!


I don’t know about you, but all of these covers are brilliant and…

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