TTT: Top Ten Books Set in Another Country

A while back we did Top Ten Books Set Outside the US, but I won't be repeating any books from that list today! My reading has actually come a really long way since then and I had a lot of trouble deciding between doing fiction again or doing a post entirely on non-fiction in general... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes

So I'll just say it up front, some of these are fairly morbid. The problem is that's the sort of thing that really sticks out in my mind sometimes. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill - "Death is always sudden, even when it isn't." This Place Holds No Fear by Monika Held - The... Continue Reading →

TTT: Ten Top Books I Could Reread Forever

These ten books are not just books that I could reread forever but that I definitely should reread periodically, if not yearly. Most of them have appeared on other TTT posts of mine or lists of other sorts. Some of them were a part of first introducing me to their subjects and others helped refine... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten Comics I Meant to Read in 2017 but didn’t

I had a few ups and downs but managed to get it together and read most of the books I had intended to read for the year. Comic books, not so much. Here are the comics I meant to read this year but didn't, and totally plan to read in 2018!            Don't forget to... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten New-to-me Authors of 2017

This Top Ten Tuesday is about authors that were new to me this year! When the Reading Challenges for last year came out I made an effort to fit in all authors that I had been meaning to get to. These are women who are already well recognized with awards or notoriety of different kinds,... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward to in 2018

I had initially wanted to write about books that I'm looking forward to that are coming out but I have a long list of books that I've bought on Kindle or had saved on Scribd for far too long and have made plans to get to them this year. This is going to be the... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten Favorite Books of 2017

This has been a pretty great reading year for me. I've read considerably less than last year, but had a lot more going on in life too. I had quite a few loves this year but these are the top of the list! Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson   ... Continue Reading →

TTT: Books I’m Thankful For

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is about books I'm thankful for. I love this recurring topic. Here is last year's post. These are in no particular order, just books that touched my somehow, and changed my world a little. My Review/Add to Goodreads   My Review/Add to Goodreads   My Review / Add to Goodreads My Review (contains spoilers)/Add to Goodreads... Continue Reading →

TTT: Books I Want My Kid to Read

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is about books I want my kid to read. He's s little young for these now, but I look forward to the day we can talk about these.  I haven't reviewed all of them, so I'm just gonna add the Goodreads links instead. The Hunger Games   Harry Potter series   The... Continue Reading →

TTT: Women who are or have been great leaders

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is about characters that would be great leaders but I just had to make it about real women. It is a feminist book blog after all. Here is the official prompt: November 7: Ten Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders (Leaders of what? That's your decision. Who could lead a country, an... Continue Reading →

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