Books on the Asanas

Knowing what's going on in a pose is still a work in progress for me. Though I learned to queue the typical poses used in a yoga practice and can sequence fairly well, I still struggle with remembering all the exact benefits of the asanas, the Sanskrit names, and the contraindications. I've never taken anatomy... Continue Reading →

Learning to be still

Given that the yamas and niyamas generally align with Christian beliefs, it’s no wonder that the asanas are the first limb of yoga that Americans are generally familiar with. The interpretations of these limbs among Americans tend to vary and I could easily see how yogis are considered to be taking ideas like the yamas... Continue Reading →

Niyamas in action

Mermaid pose is my best reminder of the Niyamas. Explanation at the bottom. Theoretically, one moves on from the yamas to the niyamas once they’ve been mastered. The niyamas are the ethical observances that are the second limb of yoga. What really ends up happening is each limb is it’s own practice that falters and... Continue Reading →

Getting into the Yamas

The pose that most embodies the yamas in my practice. I always have to remember to not hurt myself, be honest with myself about it, to not overreach and risk tomorrows progress, to remember that taking care of my body is more important than my desire to get into the pose, and to let go... Continue Reading →

A reprieve from the world

During the hiatus, I was going through some things at work and at home. It wasn’t bad, but I was taking a step back as I transitioned between positions and it was complicated. Likewise, a family business was happily growing and taking a little extra time and a lot of extra energy. By the end... Continue Reading →

Putting it all together

Trying out Mermaid pose in my mermaid pants! I’ve been following several yoga blogs and pinning poses I want to try out or work towards for a while, but it wasn’t until this summer that I started participating in it all. Yoga is about union, which in my mind, includes sharing the practice. It’s made... Continue Reading →

Closing it out

No matter what the focus of my yoga practice is for the day, I usually close it out with the same sequence. As with everything, there are some variances that I throw in occasionally to make it a little harder for the day or a stretch my body just wants, but this is the basic... Continue Reading →

Upper Body Strengthening vs Handstands

I previously mentioned that I've been working on handstands for a few years now. Really, it's inversions in general. I started out wanting to do handstands and then decided I wanted to do a crow to handstand press. I even went so far as to come up with a whole sequence in my head that... Continue Reading →

Balance focus

My yoga practice tends to follow a routine. There are four stages to it: warm up, warriors, a focus area that includes some form of prone work, and closing it out with some sitting and supine poses. Sun Salutation A is the warm up I use the most, but there are some other options that... Continue Reading →

Core Intensives

While every yoga sequence works the core, there are two short sequences that I do when I feel the need to focus on my core. And by focus on my core, I mean really feel the work out on my stomach the next day. I'm not trying to have a certain kind of stomach shape... Continue Reading →

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