Closing it out

No matter what the focus of my yoga practice is for the day, I usually close it out with the same sequence. As with everything, there are some variances that I throw in occasionally to make it a little harder for the day or a stretch my body just wants, but this is the basic... Continue Reading →

Upper Body Strengthening vs Handstands

I previously mentioned that I've been working on handstands for a few years now. Really, it's inversions in general. I started out wanting to do handstands and then decided I wanted to do a crow to handstand press. I even went so far as to come up with a whole sequence in my head that... Continue Reading →

Playing with Pigeon

I have loved Pigeon pose since the first time that I saw it on a yoga video. I don't remember which workout it went to but it was the yoga video to some fad workout that everyone was trying. I'd been doing yoga for a few years by then and my friend had just gotten... Continue Reading →

Yoga Spaces

I love having a yoga room and highly recommend it! Here's a little about what goes in my yoga space and how to find some helpful items for your home practice!

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