Luke 11

For the text of Luke 11, click here. There is a shortened version of the Lord's prayer in this chapter. It is requested that Jesus teach them to pray and His response is for them to pray: “Father, hallowed be your name.Your kingdom come.3Give us each day our daily bread,b4and forgive us our sins,for we... Continue Reading →

Luke 10

For the text of Luke 10, click here. This chapter opens with Jesus "sending out the seventy-two". It states "the Lord" sent them, but then has Jesus talking to them before they leave, so it was a touch confusing that way. But also, He gives them roughly the same speech as He had given the... Continue Reading →

Looking back on Proverbs

This has proven to be an interesting collection of sayings and advice and wisdom to pass for the Israelites to pass down to their sons. You might notice that I totally skipped Psalms, but I haven't finished them yet. It fits to be reminded that wisdom isn't something that can be learned from a book,... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Kings

Kings was not what I expected, after all the others. It had a way of contributing to the progression of the story without actually being a part of the story. Except that this is where Solomon has the first temple built. Most of the rest of it is a succession of the kings without a... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Samuel

I had originally thought the book of Samuel would have a lot more to do with Samuel than it does. It begins with his mother and the first part ends after his death, but his death isn't the last time he's seen or heard from, as his ghost is summoned later on. There's a whole... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Ruth

Given the small size of the book of Ruth, it only took one post to do the whole thing and to have a little reflection, which is below with some changes. The original post that has chapter breakdowns is available here. Notable Women Naomi - Ruth's mother in law who she is determined to care... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Judges

Judges is about the downward spiral of Israel before their monarchy begins. It starts off like they might just make it passed some hiccups but even the judges themselves become progressively worse. Notable Women Deborah, obviously. She is one of the better known women of the Bible. The whole of chapter five is a song... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Joshua

The book of Joshua concludes the story that began back in Egypt in the book of Exodus. Moses had liberated the Israelites and was leading them to the land that God had promised to their fathers when they hit a few snags in the road. They are dealt with in the last books and this... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Deuteronomy

This particular book of the Bible is more a record of some teachings of Moses than part of the overall story. It's almost like the Epistles that are waiting for us down the road. It doesn't get to tell a story (other than recounting what we've already read in a more succinct fashion) until the... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Leviticus

There was no storyline to this book which meant, for me at least, that it was a bit of a trudge to get through it. Laws are obviously important and even laws that are no longer enforced or whose current relevancy are debated over must be known when discussing people who did abide them in... Continue Reading →

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