Reflections on Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is one of the synoptics and tells the story of Jesus and His ministry. This is my reflection from reading the whole book as well as comments and a list of notable women specifically for my fellow feminists.

Matthew 28: Rebuilt in 3 Days

For the text of this chapter, click here. The story of the resurrection itself picks up with two Mary's going to see the tomb of Jesus. When they got there, there was an earthquake that rolled the stone back and an angel that appeared. The Mary's don't seem particularly fazed by this, but why would... Continue Reading →

Matthew 26 Pt 2: Denial

For the text of this chapter, click here. Last week, we started Matthew 26 with the plot to kill Jesus and then His anointing with expensive ointment, and the Lord’s Supper at Passover. This ended with some thoughts on the importance of something like the Lord’s Supper that unites us every day or at least... Continue Reading →

Matthew 26 Part 1: The Lord’s Supper

For the text of this chapter, click here. This is a rather longish chapter that has so much going on in it. It begins the Easter story, which is the most familiar parts of the whole Bible, even for people who aren’t Christian. Okay, maybe the second most familiar. Christmas is a pretty big deal... Continue Reading →

Matthew 25: Waiting on God when He’s right in front of us

For the text of Matthew 25, click here. The chapter opens with a parable. This one is about 10 virgins looking for a husband. This in itself should show a little about what the word virgin meant in this time. Jesus uses it as a synonym for unmarried women. Sure, it could just be a... Continue Reading →

Matthew 24: Some eschatology

For the text of Matthew 24, click here. The chapter begins with Jesus letting the disciples know that the temple was not going to last forever. It's written as kind of a footnote, but I feel like there was more significance to that for a few reasons. First off, if I was following someone to... Continue Reading →

Matthew 23: Woes

For the text of Matthew 23, click here. Jesus pretty much goes on a rant here about what hypocrites the Pharisees and scribes are. It's a little scary because I feel like we all get into these periods of our lives where we feel like the experts who sit around telling everyone what to do... Continue Reading →

Matthew 21: Arriving in Jerusalem

For the text of Matthew 21, click here. At the end of the last chapter, Jesus and His followers were leaving Jericho, which is near the border of Judea and Perea (modern Jordan). Chapter 21 begins with them getting closer and into the Mount of Olives and Bethpage. Jesus quotes the prophecy about Him coming... Continue Reading →

Matthew 20: Fairness and service

For the text of Matthew 20, click here. First thing in this chapter is a comparison of God to the master of a vineyard who shows mercy to those who have worked there. He begins by making a deal with a set of workers for a certain wage and a certain amount of work. To... Continue Reading →

Matthew 19: Teaching in Judea

For the text of Matthew 19, click here. The text begins with a fairly simple statement about travel, but then I looked at my map of the region and confused myself. I had previously bought this amazing book that had maps so I could visualize all the travel called Deluxe Then and Now Bible Maps.... Continue Reading →

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