Looking back at Nehemiah

Nehemiah had been a short book, only 13 chapters, that I had done in one long post. There hadn't been any named women in it who were implicated in anything, but a lot of grouping of women that he referred to or spoke of. Specifically, there had been one man who had his daughters help him build... Continue Reading →

Looking back at Ezra

Ezra is not a big book, but it is confusing with the crazy timeline in the middle chapters. It's about the Israelites coming back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and their struggles to get it done. Not many women are mentioned in it and not one is named in the whole book. There is... Continue Reading →


As with Ezra, this is a short book, 13 chapters this time, so we're going to get through them all in the one post. Chapter one This book begins with a note that it is written by Nehemiah and then just rolls right into it. Nehemiah mentions that he had asked some family about Judah,... Continue Reading →


The entire book of Ezra is only 10 chapters long. I briefly considered splitting it up into two posts, but then I decided to power through and do it all in one. It all takes place a while after the events of 2 Chronicles (and/or 2 Kings) and after Babylon was subject to Persia under... Continue Reading →

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