Silk, Vol. 0: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon by writer Robbie Thompson and art by Stacey Lee

Review: The character of Silk made her debut in the Original Sin storyline, where she is released from self-induced isolation for the good of the world. The events of her past are recapped enough to keep up if you haven't read Original Sin, as I hadn't (and don't really plan to). She is another of Marvel's new heroes... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday – Superheroes

So, I decided last week that I would alternate between posts on non-fiction and fiction femmes. This week, I'd like to talk about superheroes. There is not enough out there about female superheroes, but there actually are A LOT of them. Are they as awesome as their male counterparts? Yeah, a lot of them are.... Continue Reading →

Bitch Planet Vol 1 and Ms. Marvel Vol 3

I read the first of the comics that make up this graphic novel a few months ago, but I finally saw the full novel just this weekend and it was awesome! For starters, I appreciate the general message of the series. The premise of the series, for those who aren't familiar, is that women are... Continue Reading →

Do you love comics?

I do but I have come late to this party. I'm way too old to just now start reading comics, but better late than never. I came into it slowly, beginning last year with the introduction of the some new Marvel characters while I was writing my last blog. Since then, I have found and met some... Continue Reading →

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