Femme Friday: Superheroine update!

I wrote about superheroes about a year and a half ago here. Mostly, I went into some of my favorite comic book superheroines at the time but have since found some more favorites and some new women to check out. Headliners I already love: Spider-Woman - cancelled. I had found her during the 3 volume run... Continue Reading →

FF: 3 Authors I Need to Binge

If you’re new around here, Femme Friday was begun by Vicky over at Books and Strips. The idea is to highlight some women and femmes, whether they are authors, publishers, running publishing companies, great characters or whatever you want. As both are book blogs, they are generally about femmes and books. I'm also prone to get into... Continue Reading →

FF- Books about women’s issues

In the current climate of increased activism and political stress by so many, there are a few important things to remember. It can be changed I know that it can be changed because it has changed before It doesn't take long to normalize the changes that I have benefited from Things I have benefited from... Continue Reading →

FF – Women Leaders

Happy Friday! So, yes, there's a part of me that wants to ignore what's happening in my country today, but I am still hopeful for the future. I know the general theory of what will happen but I also remember Doomsdayers of the last two administrations, so I don't really know how to feel about... Continue Reading →

FF: American Women in Politics

By the next Femme Friday, America will have a new president. Hopefully. There is the possibility of shenanigans that would prevent the naming of a new president (like back in 2000 when the election went really bananas), but we will hopefully know who by then who will be the next person to sit in the... Continue Reading →

FF: Good Girls do revolt too

I was debating on what to post for this week's Femme Friday and then I saw that Amazon FINALLY made the rest of the first season for The Good Girls Revolt! I watched the pilot last year during their Pilot season and absolutely LOVED it and then I never saw anything about them choosing to... Continue Reading →

FF: Great Girlfriends!

Between I Thought It Was Just Me pointing out the way people think women and can't be friends and are just catty and reading Lumberjanes yesterday, I realized that books about great girlfriends would make a great Femme Friday post this week! There really is this horrible idea that women don't go along, that we just have... Continue Reading →

The Happenings – August 2016

I didn't get to read quite as much as I wanted to this month. We had lots of family visiting and went on a road trip and there was just not as much time for reading. It's nice that a lack of reading time was for good reasons, though, unlike some other times in my... Continue Reading →

US Women’s Equality Day

It's a Friday in August and I really wanted to do another post to wrap up women in translation, but then I saw this. Instead, I offer you a reading list of the books on women in politics in the US for this Femme Friday. The reason today is the US Women's Equality Day is... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday -Can we increase the number of women in translation?

While there is not a definitive answer to give a question such as this, I don't think the cause is lost. The overall percentage of books in translation needs to go up, but if we bring the total number of women's books to the existing total number of men's books, that'll do that too. Then... Continue Reading →

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