Looking back at Chronicles

Unlike all the other books, Chronicles was a mostly a rehash of other books. All the women mentioned in the first book (for the most part) are mentioned in First or  Second Samuel. Some exceptions are the women of the Genealogies but you can find them in that post. The other two posts on 1 Chronicles are Exploits of David and David's last... Continue Reading →

2 Chronicles 1-9: King Solomon

As with 1 Chronicles, this seems to mostly be a rehash of events we already heard about. This time the stories being retold are from 1 Kings. Chapter one Most of the chapter surrounds Solomon's request for wisdom that was also featured in 1 Kings 3. It's worded a little different, but the sentiment is basically... Continue Reading →

Reflections on 1 Chronicles

So, normally I try to break a reflection post down into some major parts of the book and mention some notable women, but this book is different for that. Mainly because there are two other sources already made for this. All the women mentioned in this book (for the most part) are mentioned in First or  Second... Continue Reading →

1 Chronicles 10-22: Exploits of David

I know, we've covered most of this ground already so this is going to be a quick recap of most of 2 Samuel and some extras that weren't an essential part of that story. Chapter ten This chapter recounts the events of 1 Samuel 31, when Saul takes his own life after losing a battle. Chapter... Continue Reading →

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