Looking back at Genesis

Having finished reading and blogging on Genesis, I'd like to share some notes.

Reflections of Genesis

Having finished reading and blogging on Genesis, I'd like to share some notes.

Genesis 39-47: The Rise of Joseph

Welcome to part twelve of the Genesis series! This part deals with a story that I think is familiar to most Western Christians at least. This is the story of Joseph interpretting the dreams of Pharaoh and heading off the great famine that hits the area. He is also reunited with his family in these chapters.

Genesis 35-38: You might call him a dreamer

Part eleven Genesis sees the appearance of Joseph's dreams and initial response he receives for them. Follow me through chapters 35-39!

Genesis 32-34: Jacob comes home

This will be part ten of Genesis! These chapters cover Jacob's coming home and then the rape of Dinah, his daughter, along with the consequences of her perpetrator. This is also where Jacob receives his new name. Check it out!

Genesis 24-27: The adult life of Isaac

Part eight of the Genesis series covers the main part of Isaac's life as he marries Rebekah and they have twins.

Genesis 20-23: Trusting others makes us horribly, horribly vulnerable. What about trusting God?

Part seven of the Genesis series focuses on chapter twenty to twenty-three and concludes the story of Abraham. This part has quite a familiar stories, let's take a look and see if we find new things!

Genesis 15-17: Promises, promises

Part Five of Genesis discusses some of the promises that God makes, the way in which they are adhered to and the significance of what happens in their wake.

Genesis 12-14: The journey of Abram begins

In part four of the Genesis series, we meet Abram. His story begins in chapter twelve and goes on to chapter twenty three, though he is mentioned for a while after that. Part four covers chapters twelve thru fourteen. Where he is called, travels in Egypt and first rescues Lot. Take a look!

Genesis 10-11: Nations and monuments

Part three of the Genesis series is on chapters ten and eleven. While these chapters revolve around the Tower of Babel, there are some interesting things to note around that story as well. Take a look!

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