Princeless: The Pirate Princess

Review: This volume serves as volume 3 for the Princeless series even though it isn't labeled that way. The next one after just goes on to volume four with Princess Adrienne and then Raven moving on to her own series. Adrienne has been on the run and working to save her sisters, but when she... Continue Reading →

Lumberjanes #25-28

Review:        These issues bring the next storyline of Lumberjanes to us after their run in with the awesome mermaids. This time the girls must contend with a giant bird beast that has kidnapped the High Council. As always, they are amazing. Things I Loved: Did you ever wonder what happened to all the... Continue Reading →

Princeless Volume 1: Save Yourself

Review: I did not expect to like this one nearly as much as I did. I figured it was a cute concept with a WOC as a main character and as royalty, which was an especially nice touch, but I did not anticipate the awesomeness. There's just too much to love here. Adrienne Ashe never... Continue Reading →

TTT: Top Ten Books/Comics I’d buy for an adventurous little girl, if I had one

Today's  Top Ten Tuesday is a Holiday Gift Guide Freebie. While I love my son to pieces, it is when putting together his holiday presents that I wish for a little girl too. In addition to him, not instead. When I think of a book for him, I get to go just buy it, but... Continue Reading →

Princeless: Tales of Girls Who Rock!

Review: This is a nice little comic. It's an off-shoot of a series I haven't started but have had on my TBR for a little while now. I enjoyed reading it, and will definitely check out the series it comes from. Here's the back cover info: Princess Adrienne is on the loose again, and this time... Continue Reading →

Lumberjanes Vol 2 (or #5-8)

Review: Okay, so I read the volume and not the issues individually but the issues have the same info, so I added them to the review. The volume turned out to have a little more and really made it worthwhile to wait for the volumes rather than read the issues, but that may require more... Continue Reading →

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol

Review: I wasn't really sure what I was getting into when I picked this one up, but it was a lot of fun! I had found it while searching for a comic for the Read Harder Challenge and it doesn't even fit the category that I was trying to fit it into, but it was... Continue Reading →

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