God by Debora Greger

Stars: 4 of 5 I am intrigued by the idea of God in retirement in Florida. I grew up in South Florida, where so many people retire which made the concept hit a little close to home. Still, I could use a book group or poetry class to unpack everything going on in some of... Continue Reading →

2 Samuel 6-12: Up to Bathsheba

Amidst the battles and war of David making Israel mighty in the land again, there is the story of him and Bathsheba. It's the more infamous part of this book because of the way things go down. It's told as if it's terribly romantic, but it's really not. Nor are the circumstances surrounding it. Chapter... Continue Reading →

Numbers 21-25: trouble in Moab

Part six takes place primarily around Moab. It is the next kingdom that the Israelites camp near. Chapter twenty one This chapter opens with an easily answered vow to destroy the enemy if God lets them. It's one paragraph and it could easily be glossed over if you're not paying attention or doing something like... Continue Reading →

Leviticus 18-27: the Law and then some

Part five of Leviticus will discuss some of the laws. Not every law in this book is part of the study that I am doing here, so not all will bear mentioning. Some groupings may be summarized and others may be picked apart, which will be determined by how I see that it fitting into... Continue Reading →

Leviticus 16-17: Atonement and Sacrifice

Part four of Leviticus is a little short. The first chapter covered discusses the Day of Atonement and the second one is about making sacrifices. I felt like these went well together but the rest of the book starts to get into the specifics of the laws and I wanted to keep them separate. Chapter... Continue Reading →

Exodus 35-40: Getting it done

Part nine of Exodus will be the final part in Exodus and details the Israelites getting the job done that they had been given to do by God. At this point, they have their instructions on how everything from earlier in Exodus was supposed to be put together. Most of these chapters simply outline how it was... Continue Reading →

Genesis 32-34: Jacob comes home

This will be part ten of Genesis! These chapters cover Jacob's coming home and then the rape of Dinah, his daughter, along with the consequences of her perpetrator. This is also where Jacob receives his new name. Check it out!

Genesis 28-31: Jacob in flight

Part nine of the Genesis series picks up when Jacob flees his brother's wrath. Take a look at what happens while he's gone!

But What If We’re Wrong?: One Evangelical’s Take on the LGBTQ Issue by Jacci Turner-

I was searching on Kindle Unlimited for a new book to read after finishing Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman's Guide to Why Feminism Matters and came across this. I haven't mentioned it here before, but my husband is studying to be a pastor. I know this technically has nothing at all to do with me, but... Continue Reading →

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