Luke 12

For the text of Luke 12, click here. We began with a warning about the "leaven of the Pharisees". In the previous mentions in Mark 8 and Matthew 16, it had been a little confusing but this one is much more straightforward. Jesus warns them and adds that people will know everything that's been going on.... Continue Reading →

Luke 10

For the text of Luke 10, click here. This chapter opens with Jesus "sending out the seventy-two". It states "the Lord" sent them, but then has Jesus talking to them before they leave, so it was a touch confusing that way. But also, He gives them roughly the same speech as He had given the... Continue Reading →

Luke 9

For the text of Luke 9, click here. The chapter opens with Jesus sending out the twelve apostles with "power and authority" as was recounted in Matthew 10 and Mark 6. Jesus is mostly quoted the same, though Matthew is a little more wordy as usual and some of the intention does get a little... Continue Reading →

Luke 8

As National Poetry Month has ended, we return to the Book of Luke for our look at the Bible. As mentioned before, this is a study that I'm doing for two reasons. First, I've never read through the whole Bible before and figure it's a good idea as a Christian in general to understand it... Continue Reading →

Luke 7

For the full text of Luke 7, click here. Luke 7 opens with the story of Jesus and the centurion which had been in Matthew 8. It follows the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew, as it does here. The story is mostly the same with some fine differences. Here, the centurion sent people to... Continue Reading →

Luke 6 Part 2

For the full text of Luke 6, click here. We left the last post where Jesus had just called up the apostles and continues with another telling of the Beautitudes, but just a little different. The Beatitudes of Luke 6 are about 5 beatitudes shy of Matthew 5. “Blessed are you who are poor, for... Continue Reading →

Luke 6 Part 1

For the full text of Luke 6, click here. The first story of chapter six is Jesus and His disciples gathering their own grain on the Sabbath. Even this sounds like more work than the way it's described in the actual chapter. It sounds like they were just grazing in that same way my son... Continue Reading →

Luke 5

For the full text of Luke 5, click here. The first thing Jesus does in this chapter is call up the disciples, but this story is distinctly different from the one I'm used to hearing. Jesus doesn't just tell them to drop everything and leave with Him. This time, Jesus first tells them to let... Continue Reading →

Luke 4

For the full text of Luke 4, click here. Jesus was baptized in the last chapter by John the Baptist and it's now time for his temptation in the desert. This is mentioned briefly in Mark 1, but also detailed in the Matthew 4. First is the temptation of the bread after being hungry for... Continue Reading →

Luke 3

For the full text of Luke 3, click here. The beginning of this chapter again makes me think of this gospel as more of a historical accounting than the others. Luke takes the time to set the time and place of John's ministry by specifying who was in power. He begins with the current Roman... Continue Reading →

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