Books for Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month

It amazes me that we need to build awareness that this illegal and incredibly immoral thing is still happening in our world after the opposition that exists to it at such high levels. And yet.... There are so many problems with recognizing what slavery and human trafficking looks like today because we are so ingrained... Continue Reading →

FF- International Day to End Violence Against Women

This year's International Day to End Violence Against Women happens to fall on a Friday, so that makes it the perfect Femme Friday topic. These are some books that can help get someone sped up on the history of violence against women. While men do perpetrate violence against each other as well, this day is... Continue Reading →

Until We Are Free: My Fight for Human Rights in Iran by Shirin Ebadi

Review: This is the first book of my new challenge to read all the women Nobel laureates! It was a great start. While Ebadi does cover her level of involvement in setting up the Nobel Women's Iniative, One Million Signatures, and later the establishment of the Center of the Defenders of Human Rights, this is mostly a... Continue Reading →

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom by Yeonmi Park

 Review: I've read (listened to) a lot of memoirs in recent years but this was my first by a human trafficking survivor. It's a powerful story of survival and determination that all adults should read. I'll warn the potential reader, though, this book comes riddled with triggers. An excerpt from the back cover: Yeonmi Park... Continue Reading →

Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories from the Fight Against Fundamentalism by Karima Bennoune

Review: This book is a needed reminder that the people who live under the rule of fundamentalists don't get near the support they need. They are the first line of defense against fundamentalism, the first people who suffer on account of it and the last to be freed from its horrors. These are the people this... Continue Reading →

Femme Friday – My Next 5 TBR Memoirs

Note: This post has been edited to include links to reviews that were later written about them, one book was harder to get than anticipated so it has not been read. I have a soft spot for memoirs. Not just memoirs, but memoirs of regular people. I love to learn about the many lives that... Continue Reading →

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