Genesis 48-50: The end of an era

Part thirteen of Genesis brings us to the end of this book! Here we will take a look at the deaths of Jacob and Joseph.

Genesis 39-47: The Rise of Joseph

Welcome to part twelve of the Genesis series! This part deals with a story that I think is familiar to most Western Christians at least. This is the story of Joseph interpretting the dreams of Pharaoh and heading off the great famine that hits the area. He is also reunited with his family in these chapters.

Genesis 35-38: You might call him a dreamer

Part eleven Genesis sees the appearance of Joseph's dreams and initial response he receives for them. Follow me through chapters 35-39!

Genesis 32-34: Jacob comes home

This will be part ten of Genesis! These chapters cover Jacob's coming home and then the rape of Dinah, his daughter, along with the consequences of her perpetrator. This is also where Jacob receives his new name. Check it out!

Genesis 28-31: Jacob in flight

Part nine of the Genesis series picks up when Jacob flees his brother's wrath. Take a look at what happens while he's gone!

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