Luke 3

For the full text of Luke 3, click here. The beginning of this chapter again makes me think of this gospel as more of a historical accounting than the others. Luke takes the time to set the time and place of John's ministry by specifying who was in power. He begins with the current Roman... Continue Reading →

Luke 1

Luke is the third book of the New Testament and the third gospel of Jesus. Like Matthew and Mark, he tells the story of Jesus yet again through yet another lens. Matthew told the story of the divine who had been prophesied to come save us. Mark told the story of the divine who came... Continue Reading →

Matthew 11: Elijah who is to come

For the text of Matthew 11, click here.  This chapter takes place just after Jesus finished talking to the 12 disciples who were just then dubbed apostles, sort of. At this point, we come back to John the Baptist who baptized Jesus in chapter three and was arrested in chapter four. John had recognized Jesus... Continue Reading →

Matthew 3: Baptism

Chapter 3 This chapter opens with John the Baptist and the prophecy about him from back in Isaiah 40: 3A voice cries:b “In the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. It's not worded exactly the same way in the original prophecy and in Matthew, but... Continue Reading →

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