2 Chronicles 1-9: King Solomon

As with 1 Chronicles, this seems to mostly be a rehash of events we already heard about. This time the stories being retold are from 1 Kings. Chapter one Most of the chapter surrounds Solomon's request for wisdom that was also featured inĀ 1 Kings 3. It's worded a little different, but the sentiment is basically... Continue Reading →

1 Kings 5-9 : Building the Temple

This set of chapters takes the time to walk us through the initial the process of getting materials for both the Temple and Solomon's house (and that of his new wife), coordinating construction of the building and items to go in the building, bringing in the ark, the grand opening ceremony, and an accouting of... Continue Reading →

1 Kings 1-4 : Becoming King Solomon

The road may not have been quite as windy or harrowing as David's path to the throne, but it's not easy either. Chapter one I'm not totally sure what these guys are thinking right here in the beginning. I mean, you're cold so let's go get you a girl? I almost got upset about it... Continue Reading →

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