2 Kings 17-20 : A short reprieve

The king of Assyria becomes a pretty big player in this next set of chapters, but we also see Isaiah for the first time here. After ┬áreading through these, I feel like Hezekiah is one of the more underrated Old Testament kings and his story of God's helping is equally underrated. Chapter seventeen First,┬áIsrael falls... Continue Reading →

2 Kings 1-4 : A first glance at Elisha’s double portion

Elisha takes over as the main prophet that God talks to after the ascension of Elijah. He does some interesting things in the beginning of his time as God's go-to guy. Chapter one This book opens up with the death of Ahaziah. He falls and wants to inquire of another god about whether or not... Continue Reading →

1 Kings 17-22: Meet Elijah

This set of chapters covers the appearance of Elijah and goes all the way to the deaths of Jehoshaphat and Ahab. Chapter seventeen The chapter opens with the first appearance of Elijah. He tells Ahab, the king of Israel, God's words about an impending drought. The rest has him hiding near a brook and then... Continue Reading →

1 Kings 10-16 : A Succession of Kings

Though David was imperfect, he was always striving to do what was right by God. No one can perfectly do everything that another being wants, but he tried and he did it with love and what seemed like admiration in his heart. His successors, on the other hand, couldn't quite keep it together. Some did... Continue Reading →

1 Kings 1-4 : Becoming King Solomon

The road may not have been quite as windy or harrowing as David's path to the throne, but it's not easy either. Chapter one I'm not totally sure what these guys are thinking right here in the beginning. I mean, you're cold so let's go get you a girl? I almost got upset about it... Continue Reading →

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