Marvel Rising

Stars: 3 of 5 This is a new series that Marvel is doing a few things with to feature some lesser known but awesome characters. Here's the wikipedia on it to get the full picture. It's a lot of fun but doesn't feature all the characters on the cover. It starts with just Squirrel Girl... Continue Reading →

Shuri and Man-eaters

Here are two exciting new series that focus on women! Both are fantastic in really different ways so far and I look forward to keeping track of them over time.  Shuri is the first, even though it came out after. Everyone loved Black Panther's little sister so much on the big screen, so Marvel rolled... Continue Reading →

Ms. Marvel Volumes 4-6

Review: Ms. Marvel has been a favorite of mine since she came out a few years ago. Volume Four: Last Days (#16-19 and Amazing Spider-Man #7-8) What would you during the apocalypse? I love the way this volume answers that question, and for more characters than our protagonist. More than that, getting back into these... Continue Reading →

Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart

Review: This is actually for both Invincible Iron Man #1 and #2 since #2 came out when I finally got a chance to read #1. It's also my Read Harder 2017 superhero comic with a female lead cause she's taking over the title, for at least a while. From the violent streets of Chicago, a... Continue Reading →

Spider-Woman: Shifting Gears Volume 1: Baby Talk

Review: This comic made my little feminist heart flutter in a whole new way. Female friendships! Kickass women! Truth about maternity and motherhood and being a new mom and just one embellishment about what is humanly possible immediately after a c-section. Jessica Drew is a private investigator, a super hero and...a mom-to-be? Since we last... Continue Reading →

Black Panther: World of Wakanda

Review: I have been excited and anticipating this ever since it was announced that Roxane Gay was going to be a writer for this comic and it did not disappoint. "YOU DESERVED SO MUCH MORE, LITTLE FLOWER. YOU DESERVED A WAKANDA THAT CHERISHED YOU." Writer ROXANE GAY (Bad Feminst, Hunger) spins a Wakandan love story... Continue Reading →

Silk, Vol. 0: The Life and Times of Cindy Moon by writer Robbie Thompson and art by Stacey Lee

Review: The character of Silk made her debut in the Original Sin storyline, where she is released from self-induced isolation for the good of the world. The events of her past are recapped enough to keep up if you haven't read Original Sin, as I hadn't (and don't really plan to). She is another of Marvel's new heroes... Continue Reading →

S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Editions

I had a lot of fun with these. I'm a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I love that not everyone has to be an Avenger or the superest of superheroes, you know what I mean? Four out of five of these protagonists don't even have powers. I love that they used characters from the television... Continue Reading →

Thor: Goddess of Thunder Vol 1

Finally! I know it's been out for a while but I hadn't gotten my hands on it until now. Yeah, I was trying to read it the cheap way but finally couldn't resist. So there was a lot of controversy when it was first announced that Thor was going to be a woman a few... Continue Reading →

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