An Almost American Girl by Robin Ha

An Almost American Girl is another Read Harder find, this time for task 4, a graphic memoir that just came out in January. It's about Ha's move to the US as a teenager. Realizing the book was about someone not born in the US actually made me like the title so much better. I grew... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing by Anya von Bremzen

I'm one of those people that will sit and talk anyone's ear off about food, especially my favorite restaurants over the years. I love the idea of food as a way to move through the story of one's life, and a way to move through the story of a country. I love the play on... Continue Reading →

How I Discovered Poetry by Marilyn Nelson

The format and style of this memoir is a lot like Jacqueline Woodson"s brown girl dreaming. The particular setting and type of story is a little different but it's also a Civil Rights era memoir written by a WOC entirely in poetry. Given all those descriptors, one would think that they would be similar, but... Continue Reading →

The Crossing: My Journey to the Shattered Heart of Syria by Samar Yazbek, translated by Nashwa Gowanlock and Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp

I didn't really know what to expect with this book. I knew that there was conflict in Syria, that much is hard to miss, but I had no idea how the revolution that had been happening turned into ISIS. I also had no idea that it was exactly that story that would develop while Yazbek... Continue Reading →

Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

An obvious choice that took me far too long to come to for Read Harder this year. Orange is the New Black was a great pick for a book written in prison.

9 Memoirs of women and their work

In honor of those graduating schools and joining the workforce this month, here are some awesome memoirs of women working and doing jobs that are unusual but satisfying for the women who do them. And probably the men that do them too. Except the nuns, still no male nuns. Dear Madam President: An Open Letter... Continue Reading →

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson

This is the second memoir I’ve come across written entirely in verse and I have to admit that I do love the format. The first was brown girl dreaming. There are some things that are just better said this way. Of course, there are some things that are harder to read in verse but definitely... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) by Nora McInerny Purmort

I absolutely loved this memoir. It's not what anyone would call entertaining but it's a representation of some of the things that happen in our lives. Purmort goes through a lot in just one year. I can't even imagine the compounding tragedy that she deals with and I really wouldn't want to. It's not preachy... Continue Reading →

Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman

Stars: 4 of 5 I really appreciate Gilman sharing this story. The first bit of a travel for a lot of people is difficult, but I can't even imagine attempting to get to the middle of nowhere in China in a time before my cell phone could help with directions let alone a time before... Continue Reading →

Flat Broke With Two Goats: A Memoir by Jennifer McGaha

Stars: 3 of 5 I've always been a fan of those stories where it seems like everything has to go wrong before it can go right. As fiction, it's incredibly entertaining. As a memoir, it be a little somber. McGaha's story is ultimately entertaining and I was rooting for everything to work out the whole... Continue Reading →

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